Images on Solsea

The images on Solsea are 1 of a kind, as its the high resolution image which no one has (besides me). You can use that to make a small or large print, even a billboard! Animated images are downloadable MP4 files

Click on the links to check the current status and see if it’s available to purchase. All purchases are currently made using SOL, a Cryptocurrency. You can purchase SOL here:


Underground | NFT on Solsea – High Resolution image with Commercial Rights

Sydney Tunnels trains underground new south wales australia dan kalma photography

The Eye of the Storm | NFT on Solsea – Animated image with Commercial Rights

Support my adventure

You can support me by buying my work on Solsea. These a NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) where you can buy it and use it for whatever you like, even flip it if you feel it’s worth more and make some money off it yourself.

This work will not always be available to purchase, it all depends if the current owner has re-listed it. So if you see something available to purchase then you can snap it up and I will get all the money if its the first sale – you could then on-sell it on Solsea for more if you wanted to, and I will continue to get a % of every sale.

If you see the below image – its currently not for sale, someone bought it. But don’t be discouraged! Keep checking back as I’ll be putting up new items and you never know, the current owner may on-sell one of my works that wasn’t for sale previously – so it could become available again.

If you don’t want to buy something, but you’d like to support me – you can always deposit some Crypto into my Digital Wallet

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